More Family Found

I’ve been playing a little more with the 1930 census data I stumbled across earlier. I still haven’t been able to find my maternal grandparents. Knowing my grandfather, he probably didn’t want to participate.

I have found my great grandparents (my mother’s, mother’s parents) and two of my great aunts.

Charles, my great grandfather, died in the late 1930s. Miriam Reemish, my great grandmother who was always called Bubby, lived well into the mid-60s and I remember her. I don’t ever remember her speaking English. I’m not sure she could. I don’t know more than a few dozen words in Yiddish.

My great aunts, Ann and Fay, are listed as Annie and Fannie. Both of them passed away relatively recently and were part of my adult life.

I’ve shown these to a few family members and everyone is just blown away by this link to our past.

Bubby was in her early 80

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