Rick At The World Series

Dinner break and my friend Rick is still playing at the World Series of Poker. That’s great, though probably not as great as it sounds. It’s like judging a meal at the moment the water’s brought to the table.

Tonight’s play will go past 3:00AM PDT! Even then, it only winnows the tournament down to a field of about 3,200. The top-800 or so will win something, though the purses rise in such a manner that everyone at the final table will become a poker millionaire.

I sent Rick a few text messages, hoping to get him fired up. “This phone doesn’t do that, Dawg,” he said.

Damn – another techno challenged friend.

We were both surprised at how many ‘named’ players we knew. There really are A-Rods and Curt Schillings in the poker world. Rick hasn’t played with any yet, but he will if he moves along.

Right now his table is made up of the same nine he started with. No one’s busted, though fortunes have gone up and down.

Rick’s in the downs.

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