Rick Is Out

I was outside, attempting to take photos of the stars, when my phone started vibrating. It was a few minutes before midnight Eastern time and Rick was calling from Vegas to tell me he was out.

Short on chips he played a pocket pair of Eights, only to find someone else with Kings!

He actually sounded fine on the phone. No lasting scars. He even said he learned some things we could use next year when he, Lamar and I play.

Dream on. Someone would have to hand me a ticket before I’d play.

Now, Rick gets a Vegas vacation. His wife arrives in a few days. His days and nights are free for her.

One thought on “Rick Is Out”

  1. Just got an email from my neighbor that played his day 1 yesterday. He is at just over $30k chips and looked at his draw for Wednesday. He is at Raymer’s table who has just under $50k chips. He is hoping that his TV coverage will not be him getting busted by a past champion.

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