That Smile – That Face

A month or so ago I mentioned my ‘start-up’ company, Things are going slowly… but going. I’ve made a few websites, mostly for people I know (and hence won’t charge).

Gotta stop that not charging thing.

One of the little features on the site is the client’s photo on a header plate which sits atop each page. Originally the plan was to take a digital image the client would send or pluck one off their tape.

After all, a videotape has 29.97 distinct still pictures every second and these are shot, on location, by professional photographers. How tough could it be to get one good shot?

Really tough.

Here’s what I’ve learned. When we sit for pictures, we assume poses that don’t exist in nature. We never achieve the toothy smile that most people like for a portrait in the course of speaking.

You would be surprised by the ‘grunt and groan’ looks that make up common speech. Some of it is actually funny to see… and unexpected. Every frame looks like a physical hardship is underway.

Nice people look mean or possessed or both. No one ever looks relaxed or happy.

Because the customer comes first, and many customers won’t send photos, I’ll continue to pluck stills to use. If they only knew.

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