Better Than Snow

That’s my ‘carmometer’ on the left. OK, it’s not lab certified and it’s reading as it rides over black pavement, but you get the idea. It’s brutally hot.

Today was a good day to realize just how hermetically sealed many of our lives are. I leave my air conditioned house and walk into the garage. I drive my convertible… but with the a/c blasting directly on me. Then, after a twenty second walk from the parking lot, I’m in my air conditioned office.

I remember as a kid sweltering in our fifth floor apartment. Summer nights were still and humid. The quiet of the heat was broken every minute or two as the slow and low flying multi engine prop planes of that era rumbled toward La Guardia Airport, a few miles away.

The apartment rattled, but the heat was unshaken.

At home, we often discuss the relative merits of heat versus cold. In the winter too it’s possible to remove yourself for the elements. But winter weather is much more invasive when it comes to driving.

In my family, we’d vote for heat versus cold any day. My sense is, from years of listening to people, most Connecticut residents feel otherwise. On the other hand, you don’t hear about a lot of people retiring to Maine!

Today was too hot to stay outside for any length of time. But tonight, the torrid weather is inviting. I like to walk around when the air is warm and humid, as long as the Sun isn’t shining.

I guess my perspective is changed by the availability of air conditioning. If I were back in the apartment, or the non-air conditioned apartment I had in Lake Worth, Florida back in 1969, maybe I’d feel differently? Probably not.

5 thoughts on “Better Than Snow”

  1. Goeff I left connecticut last october to move to the space coast in florida. today it was only 90 degrees. When you had the blizzard in feb I was at the beach not a bad trade off.

  2. You summer folk have it easy right now. You should try walking in a skier’s shoes (boots) on a day like today!

  3. You summer folk have it easy right now. You should try walking in a skier’s shoes (boots) on a day like today!

  4. It’s days like these that make me wish I looked out our window, and saw a foot of snow on the ground. God!!! I hate summer.

  5. I’m in New Haven with no a/c, and I’m about ready to go to Florida so I can cool off. 😛 Fortunately Panera Bread has free WiFi and they don’t care if you sit there nursing an iced tea all afternoon, or my head would have exploded sometime yesterday…

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