Be Careful What You Read

I was just looking at the Huffington Post a few minutes ago. It’s one of many news/opinion sites I go to, spanning the spectrum of political opinion.

When I look at any of these sites, I always have to remember bias. No opinion site can totally divorce itself from its political bent, no matter how hard the editors try.

The headline:

Researchers Link Heat Wave To Global Warming…

Considering most of the nation has just been through a huge heat wave, that’s a pretty interesting link.

I clicked and went to the article, where in the second sentence I read:

While it is impossible to attribute any one weather event to climate change…

That’s the second sentence. I might understand laziness getting in the way of seeing something 10 or 12 paragraphs down, but this is ridiculous. How could that not have been read by the link/headline writer?

Unfortunately, I’ve seen the same kind of thing pulled when the site is skewed in the opposite direction from the political middle.

I’m not sure what the moral of the story is, but you just can’t stop with the headline. You can’t.

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