Political Prediction

I am writing this while the Connecticut polls are still open. This page doesn’t go ‘live’ until after the polls have closed.

I wanted to make a few predictions. I’ll post them right or wrong.

For US Senate (Democrat), Joe Lieberman squeaks out a win. The Lamont campaign peaked last week. This goes against the most recent polls which show Ned Lamont ahead.

For Connecticut Governor (Democrat), John DeStefano by a significant margin. This prediction pretty much echoes the polls.

I am no political pundit. On the other hand, I predict the future for a living.

4 thoughts on “Political Prediction”

  1. Well, Senator Lieberman is no longer a Democrat and he will be running as an independent.

    It’s a shame after his good track record.

  2. Sorry Mike, Lieberman was forced into running as an independent simply because Connecticut Democrats abandoned him, like Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and now Chris Dodd this morning. Joe Lieberman deserved better than what happened yesterday. The Democrats let down a man that has served them well. So much for the “big tent party”.

    Oh, and Geoff, stick to weather. Your political predictions leave a little to be desired.

  3. Geoff–

    Boy, you were way off….

    I wish Lieberman well in November — he’s got my vote!!

    And, while DeStefano won,no landslide. He is gonna get killed by Jodi….

    Leave politics to Mark Davis.

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