Expert Commentary From Me

Saturday morning, I was the expert for the New Haven Register concerning what was left of Ernesto. Randy Beach called Friday for some quotes and wrote the story.

Being in the newspaper is scary. If I’m really wrong, people can wave it right in front of me!

Still, how often do you get to see a quote like this:

2 thoughts on “Expert Commentary From Me”

  1. Geoff, now that Ernesto is gone, I see something else on the horizon that could become Florence. A spinning wave out in the central Atlantic, shows promise. Most models have it headed towards the Bahamas in 7 days, as either a strong tropical storm, or a hurricane. We’ll defintely have to watch this one.

  2. Hi, Geoff: I just read the latest NHC discussion on TS Florence… mentioned a potential ‘break’ in a ridge between 65-75W by early next week (11th or 12th). What does this mean for the seaboard and, especially, New England?


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