My Politics Beats Your Politics

You can’t help but notice the political ads here in Connecticut. By this time in the campaign, most candidates have turned negative. After all, negative works. But what we’re getting here is nothing.

I’ve just come back from Las Vegas where negative is a perfected art form!

Actually, more interesting that the negative ads were some newspaper articles I read about the candidates. Liars, crooks, thieves – they’re well represented. Some are brazen in flaunting their checkered pasts. I don’t want to give specific names, but it’s laughable until you consider some of these Bozos will end up in office.

Many of these miscreant politicians are running for offices that would never warrant buying TV time back here in Connecticut. There were law enforcement and administrative posts, plus jobs with the word ‘assistant’ or ‘under’ in the title.

I’ve got to keep myself from looking at this as sport. In the end, some of these people, who market themselves with

One thought on “My Politics Beats Your Politics”

  1. OK – Off Topic, since you don’t want to get me started on politics!, but boy our whole family (save the sleeping five year old) just saw your weather promo and pointed excitedly at the tv, sharing the news wih each other that you were back –doubly happy after reading you had been ill. You were missed and are appreciated. And the Daily Show is a re run so I won’t have to guess when to switch to 8 to see you! Be well.

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