Studio 60 Given DNR Order?

Roger Friedman on reports:

4 thoughts on “Studio 60 Given DNR Order?”

  1. Studio 60 made Monday nights bearable. I’m sorry it didn’t work and seems headed for for a future trivia pursuit answer.

  2. There will never be another show like it or West Wing or Sports Night (or Boston Legal). This is the end of that line.

    When Saturday Night Live dies (and this year seems a prime candidate), it too will turn out the lights for a genre.

    On the other hand, there will also never be another Glen Campbell Good Time Hour. We take the good with the bad.


  3. I love this show!! Not only is it my favorite “new” show on TV, it’s my favorite show on TV period. I never watched West Wing, so that’s not the draw for me. Bradley Whitford is brilliant, and Matthew Perry leaves you thinking “Chandlier, who?”.

    It’s a really smart TV show, and I guess maybe that’s the problem (I had no idea this show was in ratings trouble). This show had so much hype around it I thought there was no way it could live up to it, and it did.

    As for 30 Rock, I was very much looking forward to that show, I watched the first episode and found it very unfunny. Too bad the show wasn’t as funny as the promos (Maybe they should move Alec Baldwin over to “the other show”).


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