We’ve Got A Dumpster. Are You Jealous Yet?

It arrived early this morning. Early enough, I was still sound asleep (not a major breakthrough there). For a ‘big guy’ it was awfully quiet, coming to a rest under our bedroom window with nary a squeal.

“It’s here,” Helaine said, as I pretended to get out of bed. So it is.

We got our dumpster in an auction to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It’s a win-win-win situation. JDRF gets the money. We get a dumpster. The child of the family that owns the dumpster, a child with Type 1 diabetes, gets closer to the day when juvenile diabetes in cured.

Helaine couldn’t wait to get started. We had both a treadmill and glider in our bedroom. These two pieces of fitness equipment were actually worn out by my wife! The glider split in two while she was gliding.

Neither she nor I are particularly strong, but we managed to push, pull and carry both pieces to the driveway. A quick tug of the latch to release the door on the end of the dumpster, proved futile.

I’ve never made a call to ask if I could use a small sledge on a piece of rented equipment before. I have now. I can… however, in all fairness I’ve also sprayed some WD-40 on the bolts and hinges hoping for some divine intervention.

Over the next two weeks, we will find out what makes the cut. Is it a keepsake or junk, posing as a keepsake? The idea is to be brutal and heartless. If there’s doubt, throw it out.

We rented a smaller dumpster a few years ago. It left here filled to the brim and screaming for mercy. That’s our goal again.

4 thoughts on “We’ve Got A Dumpster. Are You Jealous Yet?”

  1. I can’t believe for a second that Fox is doing that work for himself. I’ll bet you that he has yard boys and house boys to do all that heavy lifting. He seems like the kind of guy that can afford to have others do his dirty work.. We love you Fox! Keep up the good work!!!!

  2. Geoff- we’ve been doing remodeling and found that dumpster filling can be done 2 ways. One way is to mathematically load the dumpster so you can fill it to the max with no wasted space…the other way is to throw away stuff with wild glee letting it land where ever…Sadly, my husband is fond of way #1. I enjoy the second way… Our dumpster is leaving tomorrow…my house is still full of stuff…Enjoy! Evi

  3. One word. eBay. I sold 5 1940 vintage bowling lanes for $5K total, a cb base went to Italy! $10 for the radio, $65 to ship it! One man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure. On the other hand, when I moved from CT I filled a 10 yard dumpster in less than 8 hours. All from my one car garage.

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