Commenting On The Blog

It’s just been pointed out that my comment system was broken. Anyone attempting to add their two cents found their entry rejected, with a long cryptic ‘explanation.’

I’m firing my web development team. Check that. They’re me. Oops. It’s now fixed.

Briefly, in order to keep this blog from getting ‘comment spammed’ with porno sites and Viagra offers, I have a blacklist system in place. It scans your comments for offensive words and web addresses.

Recently, when I added to the blacklist, a “[” character got appended to an address. That one square bracket caused the system to reject everything!

So, it’s fixed… but it continues to be slow (as always).

If you make a comment, wait. Don’t re-enter it. It will register. Really, it will.

One thought on “Commenting On The Blog”

  1. Someone had to comment on an entry that is titled “commenting on the blog” So I thought, “Why not me!!” Great blog Geoff, keep it up…and get some sleep!

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