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Here we are, the middle of December and it feels like Spring.

Today, we had rain – not snow. This is New England for heaven’s sake. It’s supposed to snow in December. At my house, we’ve yet to see more than a few flakes.

Mind you, I’m not complaining. Each warm day is a day closer to March.

It’s funny, because at work, I’ve started getting emails from viewers who crave winter. It’s not like I can do anything to help them. They feel their lives are somehow empty without the white stuff.

People who plow, or rely on changes in weather, for business are hurting. I’ll bet Christmas shopping would be better if conditions outside were worse.

I’m waiting for someone to ascribe this to Global Warming. Even if I were a GW proponent, no single episode can be tied to it. It’s just part of the natural variability of weather.

Deep inside, I know how much I hate driving in or dealing with, snow. Still, when it finally comes this year (and it will), I’ll give Mother Nature a free ride.

But only once!

5 thoughts on “About The Weather”

  1. Not Global Warming!?! How dare you. 😉

    Our highs are running around 20 degrees above average here in MN. Snowmobilers will soon be attending support groups.

    It’ll be interesting to see when and how the pendulum swings back the other way.

  2. Albuquerque’s maximum daily temperature was 3 degrees above average in November… but it was 2.9 degrees below average the month before. These things even out – and climate isn’t weather.

  3. Grrrr – I’ll leave my error. Sorry – it’s late. I saw MN and read NM!

    Mpls daily high was 3.4 below norm in Oct and 5.1 above in November. Again, these things even out.

    Look at your degree days, which measures how much it takes to heat your home. Normal for this time of year is 2255. This year, so far, 2175. That’s 96.4% of normal – pretty close.

    As warm as Wednesday was, it was 14 degrees below the record.

  4. I know, I know, notice the *wink* earlier. I wasn’t trying to sincerely give GW any kudos.

    We had our 13th coldest October on record, then November was just outside the top-ten warmest, then December started cold, now it’s warm, blah blah blah. I know the swings and understand that’s just how they work out.

    I just blogged a few days ago about how nicely cold it was.

    The big catch for folks around here though is that we haven’t had “normal” snow in a long time and they tend to get a bit concerned when we’re looking down the barrel of a brown Christmas and they can go for an afternoon walk in a sweater. No measurable snow event is progged any time soon and MPS is just 6 days away from setting the record for the latest date on record to have not received a half inch of snow. That’s significant, yes?

    Considering last year’s snow drought and ensuing hot summer, much of the region is moisture starved and 12 degree highs come January on a bare ground is going to be rough on our upper midwest soil.


    (fellow meteorologist)

  5. Geoff,

    You can add skiers to the list of folks soon to be attending support groups. It would really mean a lot to those of us who tolerate the snowless seasons if you would, at least temporarily, stop reporting the weather! It would also be great if you could pass this idea on to your fellow meteorologists in the tri-state area. I knew things were getting bad when I found myself longing for a “Weather Channel Classic” ala ESPN Classic.

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