Dinner With Stef

Steffie is hoping to work a little during her winter break from school, so she drove in today to set everything up. She, and her family-of-ten sized bundle of laundry, drove up to the house around 2:30 PM.

Before I left for work, she and Helaine were already on their way to the mall. Official excuse: picking up eyeglasses. Unofficial excuse: please… this is Steffie.

I saw them again for dinner. We went to a Japanese place near our house.

While we were sitting down having sushi, in walked Steffie’s kindergarten teacher. It’s difficult to explain how quickly those 14 years have sped by. Yes, it’s relative. I’m sure it was nowhere near as fast for Stef.

This was a very quick trip. There’s still a final final to be taken. She’s already back in the dorm.

I am so glad she had the chance to come back and even more pleased the three of us had dinner together. I’m not thrilled that Steffie’s getting older, but I’m ecstatic at how she’s maturing.

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