Idle Time For Idol

It’s possible I’m the only one in America who can say this, but I’ve never watched American Idol! Six seasons, hands down number one show, but no views from Geoff. That I work nights has a lot to do with it, I’m sure.

Actually, Steffie was in the audience a few seasons back and in the first row. I watched some of that show.

Tonight, with the night off from work, I sat with Helaine and took it all in.

This was one of the prelim shows when Idol wannabes audition. I just can’t imagine the winnowing process before they get in the room with the cameras.

I saw some high five figure numbers on the tags they wear. That’s a lot more than Simon, Randy and Paula can see.

I’d heard about the audition shows and thought the people who are really bad know they’re really bad and are just trying for their 15 minutes of fame. Now I’m not so sure.

There were some very sweet people who thought they could sing. They could not.

I also got to see a little more of Ryan Seacrest and was more favorably impressed than I expected. He seems genuinely nice. The entrants find him approachable – a telling sign and valuable for anyone on TV.

Based on what I saw in front of the judges, and the other auditions winners who only got a few seconds on camera, it’s obvious this is a vocal and physical contest. If you’re a good looking girl with a nice body, your chances seem improved.

In that regard, American Idol doesn’t differ from the rest of life. Being attractive helps.

I am impressed with Simon Cowell. Usually, people who are typecast try to break out. That’s doubly true when your fame is based upon something so simple to do.

Not he. Simon seems more than pleased to be dour and spiteful and irritable, even though I’m quite sure it’s mainly an act.

I understand why this show hooks people. It will not hook me. No DVR slot for Idol. I am, however, glad I watched.

2 thoughts on “Idle Time For Idol”

  1. I have never watched the program and I don’t work nights. I have never watched any of the reality programs. Also, I can’t remember the last time I met anyone named “Stanley.”


    Stan, WA1LOU

  2. I’ve never watched American Idol, either. In fact, the only “reality show” I’ve ever watched was Celebrity Duets this past summer *, only because Lucy Lawless was on it and I’m a besotted Xena: Warrior Princess fan. (Even then, I just watched the bits where she sang, and skipped all the rest.)

    * This is assuming one doesn’t count MythBusters as a “reality show”. That’s one of my all-time faves.

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