Holy Crap It’s Cold

Tonight is no colder a night than a zillion others I’ve been out in, but it feels colder. It just cut through me as I walked on New Haven’s Broadway, nestled alongside Yale, on my way back from dinner.

Could it be because we’ve been getting this blast night-after-night-after-night? Cold shouldn’t be cumulative, but it seems that it is!

If given the choice of too hot or too cold, I vote for too hot.

I’m not an outdoors person. If I snowmobiled or sledded or skied, there would be an upside. But I don’t – so there isn’t.

People keep asking me when it’s going to get better? Surely it will, but right now, I see no light at the end of this tunnel. None.

3 thoughts on “Holy Crap It’s Cold”

  1. Of course you choose hot. You’re in that secret cult of tropical climate worshipers. As their agent you work undercover as a meteorologist, pulling the wool over our eyes with extra-low temperature forecasts. You deny global warming to anyone who will listen while praying that you will see the polar ice caps melt in your lifetime. I’m on to you…

  2. I hear ya brotha…! I’d smile if there was a 32 degree forcast… but I myself am in need of a comfortable day. bad jetstream… bad~! ~ again… why do I live in wisco???

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