The Snow Lingers

I had to get up early this morning for a meeting at work. I left a few minutes early, carrying ‘Clicky’ in his bag.

Connecticut is very photogenic when it’s got a pretty blanket of snow. It’s still nicer when things are warm, but looking pretty must count for something.

From a technical standpoint, recently I’d read where snowy photos needed to be overexposed by a full 2 f-stops. That seemed like too much, so I added just one. Not enough. Next time I’ll know better.

Blogger’s note: Tried to identify the bird from a National Geographic site. No luck. If you can figure it out, let me know.

2 thoughts on “The Snow Lingers”

  1. Geoff,

    In snowy shots you have a ‘high key’ environment.

    “A high key subject has predominantly light tones. Open up one or more stops from the overall reading. A small subject against a large light background requires the same type of correction to an overall reading, or if possible take a spot meter reading or move up and take a close-up reading of the subject.”

    (from “Photography” by Bruce Warren)

    My photography teacher beat that into us. Thanks for the great shots of CT snow. I miss it here in KY.

  2. I think the real reason is, the camera wants to think anything white is really 30% grey. Either way, your photography teacher is correct.

    I would like to take a well structured photography class. Some are offered at Yale, but they are either inconvenient or not offered to students who enroll under the program that I’d have to enroll under.

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