In Preparation For Our Landing In Hartford

This was my first flight with DVDs. Wow! It makes the trip go a whole lot faster.

I brought The Departed, the brilliantly executed Martin Scorsese movie. I’m glad, however, Helaine chose not to watch. It is exceptionally violent and gory.

DeCaprio, Damon and Jack Nicholson… especially Jack Nicholson… were excellent.

It is a very long movie – well over 2:30. I didn’t realize that when I started to watch, somewhere over the midsection of the country.

About ten minutes from the movie’s end, the flight attendant came on the PA system. “In preparation for our landing in Hartford….”


I had to turn off the computer and wait until just now to see the conclusion. How sad is that?

It’s my fault, but the pilot could have circled a few minutes.

2 thoughts on “In Preparation For Our Landing In Hartford”

  1. Great movie! After the Oscars I went out and bought the DVD, which is rare for me. Excellent work by Scorsese. The ending is a killer! (get it?)

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