So Close

Tonight the lead story on our news concerned an armed robbery at a video game store in North Haven. Playstations and PS2’s were heisted.

What happened to robbing for cash?

“OMG!” – two co-workers and I had dinner two doors down at Panera. We were right in the same plaza. In fact, we headed back to the car while the robbery was in progress.

Saw no one.

Heard nothing (there were shots fired).

I am worthless as a crime fighter.

2 thoughts on “So Close”

  1. Hey… At least you didn’t have to call and say “I’m not making it back for the 11…”

    I once got a phone call from our AM director “hey.. I need you to do the noon news.. I just got into a car accident and am heading to the hospital.. Oh by the way, the Chief Meteorologist was in the car with me so could you let the ND know?”

    Nothing like trying to find someone to run the audio board for me for that show. IIRC, the production manager ended up running it.


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