Fishing Season Arrives In Connecticut

Fishing season began early this morning. No one called. I slept in.

I am not a fisherman, but somehow the whole thing intrigued me as a photo-op. This afternoon, long after Helaine said all the fishermen would be gone, I drove to the Mill River, just a few minutes from here.

Spring has come slowly to Connecticut. The trees are still bare. Until yesterday, nippy would have been the proper characterization for our climate. Luckily, fishing season arrived with our first real warm spring day!

I parked my car alongside some stores on Whitney Avenue and walked toward the river. A few days ago the river was well out of its banks. Even today under the strong April sun the river’s edge was muddy and my sneakers oozed in a little with each step.

The river was crawling with fishermen and they seemed to be catching a good amount of fish!

Fishing is much more communal than I would have thought. There were groups of two, three or more anglers, hanging together along the bank. If there were lone fishermen, I didn’t spot them.

I am very lucky to live in an area that nature has blessed with beauty. The river itself is majestic. The close proximity to Sleeping Giant just adds to the scene.

I quickly snapped around 30 photos. My wife and daughter will tell you, that’s about as close to zero as I get! For most of them I used my 70-300mm zoom lens. I was pretty far away.

There’s only one that struck me as a keeper. It’s the one at the bottom – two boys in hip waders and one caught fish. To them, this was the perfect day.

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