Roseanne For Rosie

Don Kaplan writes in today’s New York Post:

Roseanne Barr has emerged as the top contender to replace Rosie O’Donnell next year on “The View,” sources say.

A rep for Barr says she has not been approached.

The Post’s headline, “Ro-Placements” is perfect.

I thought I might weigh in on this, having seen Roseanne perform about a month ago at New York, New York in Las Vegas.

If (and this is a huge if) Rosie is leaving because of her outspoken behavior, Roseanne will be no different. She was not shy on stage. There are lots of people, policies and lifestyles she has opinions about.

If, on the other hand, ABC is looking for another Rosie, this might be a master stroke. As I said, she’s outspoken. She is also fast and funny with excellent comedic timing.

As with Rosie, I don’t see Roseanne as a team player. I can’t imagine Roseanne and Barbara Walters sitting in the same room with Barbara asking Roseanne to come as their new savior – though she’d have to. I can’t imagine them having a meal or traveling together – and they won’t.

Barbara Walters is New York affluence – a woman who never learned or needed to drive. Roseanne is a semi-conscious parody of her own classless Utah upbringing.

Roseanne Barr would be an excellent hire.

2 thoughts on “Roseanne For Rosie”

  1. Geoff,

    I have to disagree. I like Rosie, although I haven’t liked her “turn everything into a political statement” lately. I liked her show back when she was on. Roseanne is a crass woman. I don’t find her funny… and every time I think about her, I think about the disrespectful singing of the National Anthem. The view needs class… I don’t think Roseanne is that!

  2. Roseanne would be a good add to the View. She’d add the ‘shock-jock’ element that Rosie brought to the show. Roseanne would be as contoversial as Rosie for sure. Not a classy act, but she’d surely bring up ratings.

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