What Is This?

Where I grew up, wildlife was primarily pigeons and rats. Our building didn’t allow dogs (though some were kept anyway). That’s why I don’t know what this bird is, though judging by the dead tree he’s defiles, I’m guessing woodpecker.

He was around 20-30 feet up when I took these shots. Though catlike in my moves, he finally had enough of my picture taking and flew away.

5 thoughts on “What Is This?”

  1. Geoff,

    That’s the “Yellow Shafted Flicker” not sure where the shaft is, oops is that dirty talk? Pretty bird and you see the flashes of yellow as it flies from tree to tree.


  2. That is a Northern Flicker, previously separated into yellow-shafted or red-shafted varieties.

    they are noisy when tapping or when chattering. I found one with my camera a couple of days ago. they are impressive.

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