In Search Of Better Health

Helaine went away this morning. It’s her annual pilgrimage to Milwaukee. I was groggy as she left, but I think I said goodbye. At least that’s what I remember.

I was up early (for me) as Gil (one of my fellow meteorologists from work) was coming over. Gil, US Marine that he is, said he’d help me get started with some physical exercise.

We walked through the neighborhood, up streets and back. We cut through one yard (past a yelping dog) to visit a nearby pond. I’m sure it’s a private pond and we only reached it by cutting across private property. There was no one to ask for permission.

It was only walking, but it was a reasonably long stretch and I felt pretty good when it was over. I’d like to keep it up.

Maybe Steffie will play one-on-one basketball with me this summer?

At the moment, I’m pretty happy with my dieting progress. We changed scales midstream, but I’m guessing at least ten pounds down so far. Physical exercise shouldn’t cause you to lose weight, though most people think it does.

It would be nice to be fit. I can’t remember the last time I really was. If I can only keep this up.

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