Lighter Than Air

Dan Peterman, our copter pilot at work, always asks when I’ll be flying with him in his little Cessna? Today was the day.

His plane is nearly as old, and in better shape, than me!

Though his Cessna ‘lives’ at Chester Airport, Dan was out and about, so he picked me up at Robinson Aviation, on the East Haven side of Tweed – New Haven Airport.

Heading directly into 15 knots of wind, it only took a few hundred feet to lift off Runway 14. Dan’s plane, a tail dragger, first points skyward, then levels, then takes off. It’s a little odd.

It was a little bumpy today, but not too bad. We headed down the shoreline, up to Chester then to the two casinos. Turning south, we flew over the subs at Groton and then back to Tweed.

I had a little stick time. In many ways it’s like learning to drive a car. I held the wheel too tightly and attempted to correct for every bump – as a new driver would.

I’ve been talking about learning to fly. Maybe it’s time? The FAA has eased restrictions with the new sport pilot license… though I’m not sure if there are training facilities with the right equipment near me.

Here’s a shortened version of our little journey.

Note: You might have to click on the video player twice before it starts. I’m sure everyone at Microsoft has a good laugh over that.

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  1. Geoff! Thanks for sharing. This was really neat. CT from the air is quite beautiful…. I think you should try flying… Can you believe I’ve never even been in an airplane? …Evi…

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