Swollen Lip

One night a few years ago, on my way home for dinner, my lip began to swell. By the time I drove into the garage I looked like Homer Simpson. My upper lip was swollen to the size of my thumb. With my mouth closed, my upper lip covered my lower lip.

For the next few weeks my lips, fingers and toes would swell and then return to normal size for no apparent reason. The soles of my feet and my palms would itch and then, again for no apparent reason, stop itching.

I can’t be 100% sure, but sometimes my windpipe felt like it was restricted.

I spoke to my family physician who sent me to a specialist – an allergist. This guy was good. He said, we can find what’s causing it, or we can fix it. I chose the latter.

Since that time I’ve taken a little antihistamine pill every day. It’s worked. Until the last few weeks.

Once again my lip has started swelling. There’s no itching. There’s no finger or toe swelling. It’s just the lip.

Is this the same thing?

I upped the dose of antihistamine, taking two at once (and making myself very sleepy). So far, it has not stopped the swelling.

I’ve noticed this seems to happen at night, when I’m home. By that time I’m nearly 24 hours into the medication. Is it wearing out prematurely?

Recently, I’ve been eating some blackberries at night. I wonder if that’s what’s causing my trouble? It’s only a guess.

In the meantime, if they’re making a live action Simpsons feature, I’m your boy!

5 thoughts on “Swollen Lip”

  1. Blackberries/Raspberries and their cousins do that to my tongue, so I would think it not a stretch to believe it could do that to your lip

  2. I had the exact same problem when I was in high school. I had never heard of anybody else with this problem before. I never took any medication for it and it just went away. I guess it is allergy because since I moved to another city to go to college I have never experienced a swollen lip. I guess it was something in the air.

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