Running Just As Fast As We Can

Helaine and I went running yesterday. Gil came by and we ran again today.

Compared to people who consider themselves runners, our distance is quite small. For us, it’s still an accomplishment.

As we left our street and made a left up a slight incline, I realized I was feeling stronger today than I had before. My first pause, as my lungs tried to catch up with the rest of my body, came much farther up the road than it had before.

I felt pride in that accomplishment.

We added a few hundred yards to the run today, looping up a stub of a road before heading back down a long, common driveway surrounded by tall trees.

Gil, of course, took this like the Marine he is. I’m not sure he worked up a sweat. Helaine and I struggled, but finished.

“Water,” Gil said. I needed to drink and drink a lot.

He keeps telling me if I run, I’ll start using notches farther down my belt. That would be nice.

He also says I should run in the New Haven Road Race 5K (3 mile) on Labor Day. I’m not sure if I could run a 1/2 mile race today without stopping, so this is a great leap… but September’s a long way away.

What kind of race starts at 8:40 AM? Are they kidding? That’s the middle of the night (for me).

Right now the weather’s perfect and my aches and pains are few. I have incentive to continue. We’ll see how I fare with time.

Am I disciplined enough to continue once the summer takes hold and my gains are not as rapidly achieved? That’s my internal question.

2 thoughts on “Running Just As Fast As We Can”

  1. If you run in the Road Race, please post it here — I would actually get out of bed on Labor Day morning to cheer you on as you go past my house. 🙂

    (Ah, Labor Day. Gotta love being awakened by random, non-rhythmic CLAP … CLAP …… CLAP CLAP CLAP …. CLAP)

  2. Instead of the New Haven race, I recommend the East Haven race. It comes on the Saturday after Labor Day. I have run in the East Haven race about 10 times and every time the temperature has been fairly comfortable and when talking to other runners in the race, the comment was always how much hotter the New Haven race was. Also, the number of people running in the East Haven race was much less which I liked. I live in Kentucky now and don

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