Home At Last

Helaine is home. Her connecting flights connected. Her interline luggage transfer transferred.

Earlier, I mentioned the paper ticket Midwest Airlines issued in Milwaukee for the connecting Continental flight. Though confirmed, it came without a boarding pass. That was quickly taken care of at Cleveland’s Hopkins Airport.

The Continental agent took a piece of partially used blue paper, ripped off the corner, scribbled two numbers and a letter and handed it to Helaine. That’s her boarding pass on the left!

Helaine asked the podium agent if it really would be OK? She replied she’d tell the gate agent that very moment… which she did.

Helaine boarded the plane with no problem.

With Helaine in transit, I stepped up my stalkerazzi methods. Not only did I watch the plane on FlightAware, I listened to the ATC chatter as her plane cleared Boston Center and entered Bradley airspace.

Obviously, I am a sad and lonely little man.

While waiting for Helaine’s plane to get closer, I heard one inbound jet call the Bradley tower with a question… if the controller had time. Honest, I’m not making this up.

No more than 10 miles out, in that stowed tray table and fully upright seat portion of the flight, “Captain Shouldn’t I. B. Busy” asked about a building with a dome he saw on top of a ridge line. I’ve posted a photo of what he saw on the left.

As he flew a few miles closer each minute, the tower gave him the story behind the Heublein Tower on Talcott Mountain in Avon and the Heublein Family. The captain said he’d pass it along and then added, “But no one will believe it.”

I didn’t.

4 thoughts on “Home At Last”

  1. I have to agree. Being from Ireland and living in the States, it’s great to be able to hear transmissions from the airport I grew up near “Dublin”. It’s very addictive.

  2. Is MidWest still baking cookies in-flight? That airline is a well-kept secret. I’d attribute that to their focus on Milwaukee and Kansas City.

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