She’s Back – The Child Returns

Finals ended yesterday. Steffie is back in Connecticut.

I wasn’t here for her arrival, but I’m told it was very much like clowns getting out the car at the circus. In Steffie’s case, substitute clothes for clowns.

Let the laundry begin.

It was actually nice to have her around and awake when I came home from work. We had a good conversation before I went to the family room and she went to bed.

I suppose in some ways it’s sad for her. In school all your friends, all your activities, are right at hand. Here, it’s just Helaine and me. All her contemporaries are a car drive away – at best.

Tonight, mother and daughter drive to Rhode Island (and back) in the rain. Sometime next week Stef will probably start working at the mall (where she worked last summer).

She says she wants to join Helaine and me in our running regimen. That would be very nice, though she is undoubtedly in better shape than her parents. It would be cool if the three of us were ready for the New Haven Road Race in September.

It will not be perfect. Stef will be facing ‘parental guidance’ not seen in the dorm. But, there’s a lot more we agree, than disagree on.

I’m looking forward to this summer.

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