That Lip thing

I have a Tuesday appointment to see my allergist. He is truly ‘the man.’ A teaching professional and respected researcher, he heads the department at a prestigious hospital.

I hope he can help, because my swelling lip is driving me crazy!

This problem first manifested itself four or five years ago. For no apparent reason, my upper lip swelled to the size of a finger! The skin was pulled taut. I was in no pain, but I looked pretty scary.

For the next few months my lip, toes and fingers would swell and then return to normal. I never knew what would happen and when. As an added bonus, my palms and the soles of my feet would intermittently itch.

Antihistamines made my problems disappear… until a few weeks ago. Out of the blue, my swelling returned. This time it’s limited to my lips. And, again, though there’s no pain, it’s very disconcerting. Antihistamines are no longer helping.

As I type this, my upper lip looks like it’s been stung by a bee.

The last time, fixing me was easy. That cure no longer works. Though apprehensive, I’m hopeful about Tuesday.

One thought on “That Lip thing”

  1. Bee stung lips are quite the Vogue. look at Angelina Jolie. many women are paying good money to get that look. Perhaps you are trend setter, carrying the trend over to the men’s side – and you don’t even have to pay for injections! All kidding aside, I hope you are feeling better and get to the root of the problem quickly.

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