The Damned Leg

I just called Steve’s office to make an appointment. It’s that damned leg!

Running was going so well, until I felt something during a running session. I got back home and experience a little discomfort. Unfortunately, day-by-day the pain has gotten worse.

It’s been at least a week since I ran. When I walk, I hobble. It’s even painful while I’m sleeping.

The leg doesn’t look swollen. It’s puzzling.

I’m still dieting and losing weight, but I wanted to run in the Labor Day race. This might be more than a setback than just pushing my schedule back. This might be the end of my running career… after all of a week of training.

There’s always my bike.

Blogger’s Addendum: After I ‘published’ this entry, I received a call from Dr. Steve (actually, I only heard the voicemail). He told me he found out I was seeing him because he read about it here. Only after that did he get official notification!

3 thoughts on “The Damned Leg”

  1. Geoff,

    My father is 55, and has had six knee surgeries to date. He’s been riding his bike for years, and credits it with keeping his knee strong and stable. It’s much lower impact than running. It may also be more exciting, if that’s what you’re looking for!

  2. One possible reason your leg problem could be not doing enough stretching or not doing the right stretching before running. Take a look at recommended stretching. Whatever you do, don

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