The Power To Impress

I don’t often get email from the FBI. In fact, when email with their return address first appeared in my inbox, I examined the headers to make sure it was real and not some Internet scam.

SA (special agent, not secret agent) Jim Butler of the New Haven office was asking me to speak at a conference sponsored by the Connecticut High Tech Crime Investigator

4 thoughts on “The Power To Impress”

  1. 2 things…

    1. How is Impress? I’ve not used it but I had heard it’s not as good as PP.

    2. Steve Jobs uses Apple’s Keynote not PowerPoint.


  2. Geoff did a fantastic job, as always!

    As far as Impress vs PP, perhaps it is in the artist and not the tool, but the presentation went flawlessly.

    (Had the techies at the conference known about Geoff’s uber geek-ness and hacking abilities.. ie the $30 video camera, they would have been even MORE impressed!)

  3. Thanks, Geoff, for the presentation. And my favorite course was also oceanography, but for some reason, I was a Math Major. Go figure.

    Anyways, if you want a tour, give us a shout.


    Ken (I work with Jim)

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