How My $30 Camcorder Sees

A few days ago I talked about my $30 camcorder and promised some video. Here it is.

Wednesday, while filling up with gas on the Wilbur Cross Parkway (no, it’s not possible to find more expensive gas – you’re correct), I took out the camera and pointed down the road. If you’ll sit through the first few static seconds, I do ‘track’ a Mercedes Benz SLK. The number of compression artifacts are reasonably acceptable even on this pan.

It’s only 20 seconds and it’s been shrunk to 320×240, aka “websized,” but it does give a reasonable example of what this camera can do.

For $30, how can this not be impressive!

2 thoughts on “How My $30 Camcorder Sees”

  1. The quality is better than I expected. I’m going to pick one up and convert it to a dog-cam. I’m not sure if it’s best to just stabilize it to the dog collar w/ duct tape, or to get really geeky and take it apart and try to customize it to the collar. seeing this quality tells me either way it’s probably worth the effort.

  2. The ‘hangout’ is:

    Very disjointed conversations, but this is where all the camera details are kept. Lots of people fly them on R/C planes. Stef wants to borrow it to take to a party.

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