A Little Sneaky Housekeeping

My friend Peter needed a web page. He has changed his address and phone number. Friends and old customers might be looking for him. No sweat.

The page is simple and was simple for me to put together. Really, all it is is a statement saying, “Here I am.”

Unfortunately, search engines don’t get excited about web pages that have no incoming links… which is why Spectrum Research is linked here.

That’s it. This is nothing more than a sneaky ploy to help a friend get noticed by otherwise dumb robots. Welcome to the 21st Century!

One thought on “A Little Sneaky Housekeeping”

  1. I give up trying to educate you on SEO 🙂 , but nice job on the page – that’s what I love about web design and html – we can just put stuff up there without too much time or effort (although I seem to have a ton of clients who like their sites to be as complicated as possible). I especially like that you used style sheets and div tags.

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