The Old Joke

Old joke. Man walks into the doctors office and says, “Doc, I’ve got a terrible pain in my leg. Is there anything I can do?” And the doctor says, “Limp!”

I’m that guy!

I continue to drag my left leg through life, still plagued by some sort of tendon grief brought on by my desire to be fit. I wear an elastic sock over my regular sock and spent time yesterday both soaking and icing the leg.

Shoot me now – please.

I have been riding my bike, because I’ve been told it won’t make things worse. God, I hope they’re right.

The exercise followed my latest trip down the Atkins path. That part is working, though slowly.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly what I’ve lost, though I sense somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds. My old scale wasn’t dependable, giving radically different readings within seconds of each other.

It’s been replaced, but that removes my baseline.

I don’t find staying on this diet very difficult. And, I do see a slow change, even on the new bathroom scale. Within the next few days I’ll be taking a regularly scheduled blood test and I trust my cholesterol numbers will still be fine.

All this being said, I was just asked to submit a headshot for a project I’m involved in. I used a little Photoshop magic. No sense waiting for the diet to finish when I can show the results today!

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