Fun With The Wide Angle Lens

I left home today with my camera bag over my shoulder. The stated purpose was to show Adam, one of our editors, the new lens. No Adam today.

My picture taking started right away. No sooner was I off our street, than I pulled into a neighbor’s driveway. Most days as I pass, I sneak a peek at his flowers. Today I stopped and snapped a few images.

This type of photography might not be the strong suit for this lens. I was going to try anyway.

The real beauty of wide angle photography is fitting a lot more into the frame. That is done at the expense of size and linearity. Everything a wide angle sees is smaller than it would be with a longer lens and parallel lines are no longer parallel… or straight!

Here’s a little sample of what I shot. Nothing special. Nothing Earth shattering. I’m just trying to get a feel for the lens.

6 thoughts on “Fun With The Wide Angle Lens”

  1. Fun shots!! My favorite is the one of Sara on the truck. (She looks frighteningly like my 7th grade science teacher… every time I see her on the news I do a triple-take.)

  2. Nice shots of the studio…that mysterious green wall now makes perfect sense to me… Can’t wait to see more landscape shots. Evi

  3. Nice pictures. I like the one with the shadow on the ground. It seems to be at its best on the interior shots though. Doesn’t really matter that the subject is smaller because what you get is an overall view of the studio.

  4. Awesome shots!

    For some reason the fish eye makes them all seem more like a ‘real life’ look at a subject… Like you’re really there.

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