Making News Texas Style – The News Reality Show Continues

When I sat down in front of the computer last night and checked the DVR, waiting for me was episode two of “Making News – Texas Style.” This is the TV Guide Channel reality show about a local TV newsroom in Midland, TX.

I wasn’t sure I’d watch number two after number one. I’m not sure I’ll watch number three after number two.

“Are we that superficial,” I asked in a quick email to a friend who was recording it too?

The problem with the newsroom being shown in this Cin

6 thoughts on “Making News Texas Style – The News Reality Show Continues”

  1. I actually love watching this show!

    You see, I was the TV Manager for K____ TV in Breckenridge, Colorado in the late 1980’s — and we just happened to be Colorado’s version of “WKRP in Cincinnati”!!

    So naturally I feel right at home with this show….

  2. I also really like this show — and I think you’re missing the point — these people aren’t interested in the issues! And neither are we… we’re watching a docu-soap about how these people do their jobs, and it’s fascinating television. The reporters don’t seem that bad to me, but they’re (in my experience) pretty good examples of the ambitious local reporters I’ve seen.

    (Full disclosure; I know people who worked on the show, and I hear there’s also going to be a lot more of the weather guys in future episodes. So hang in there, Geoff…. you’ll be glad you did.)

  3. Geoff, thanks for your off-line reply. Just do me this favor (I’ve seen a bunch of the upcoming episodes) — at least watch through episode 7, when Jay Hendricks takes the anchor seat. That’s five more (fast-forwarded) hours of your life. If at that point you want to bail….

    Maybe the world of TV news is too familiar to you, but to a relative outsider, it’s pretty darn fascinating (and funny, and scary).

  4. Well I agree with Rufus actually, forget the issues.

    If you want stories that deal with issues / “important” topics go watch the ACTUAL news, not a show about the news.

  5. Geoff,

    I’m not sure if you remember me from the Birmingham trip… It’s been a few years. I think you’ll find episode 5 fun to watch… Atleast from a scientific point of view.

    I haven’t seen any of the finished product but I hear it’s a good episode!

    I hope to see you again someday… perhaps a MSU reunion would be in order.

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