Does Faith Hill Need Fixing?

I just showed this link to Helaine. I guess I should show it to you too., which claims “CELEBRITY, SEX, FASHION, WITHOUT AIRBRUSHING,” has published the ‘before’ picture from Redbook’s recent Faith Hill cover. There has been some serious work done on Faith… though she started out looking great!

Is it really necessary to further screw up every teenage girl (and now their moms) by portraying unattainable physicality? Do we need to spawn a new generation of Nicole Richies (look at the left forearm and wrist)?

Newspapers and TV stations have policies in place to protect us from doctored photos. Maybe it’s time for one from Redbook.

7 thoughts on “Does Faith Hill Need Fixing?”

  1. In the process, they made her the longest arms on earth.

    Its sad really- if anyone doesnt need Photoshop its Faith Hill.

  2. Personally, I loved seeing that this photo was shopped. It made me think that EVERY Celebrity gets photo shopped, this making me feel much better about MY back fat, knowing that Faith Hill has it as well.

  3. Gee. ” Photoshop thin” is the standard that we use to judge beautiful women. Only a short time ago, pin-up girls were blessed with much more ample figures. I sometimes think, if only I were born 20 years earlier, I might’ve looked good at one point.

  4. We just saw Faith (and hubby – um, hottie- Tim McGraw) in Boston a couple of weeks ago. The woman is drop dead gorgeous. It is very sad that they felt the need to alter her photo. I suppose most all celebrity photos are altered?

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