The Most Powerful Movie I’ve Ever Seen

Dear Helaine and Stef,

I could have written emails to you or maybe woken you up, but I know you check the blog, so pardon my posting this personal correspondence for everyone to see.

I decided to see SiCKO last night. It was a cure for boredom, no more. But it turned out to be the most powerful movie I’ve ever seen. Really.

Michael Moore is a showman, I understand that. Some of what was in the movie was there for effect. I can’t imagine his Cuban experiences match those of the average Cuban.

Unfortunately, most of the movie was painful to watch, because it was the truth. I am embarrassed for what we’ve become. I’m embarrassed for what we allow to happen.

Stef, I know you need to see this movie for school. But you should see it sooner, rather than later.

Helaine, I understand you don’t want to see the movie at all. I understand why. You need to see it anyway. It’s that important.

Maybe I’m a sap, buying into Moore’s propaganda. Maybe I’m naive. It would be nice to think the picture he painted doesn’t reflect real life.

I was turned off to universal health care when Hillary Clinton ran the study group while her husband was president. I confused my personal distaste for her (some of which is still there, though not as stridently) with an evil plan that would hurt us all.

I was wrong. Very wrong (About healthcare. Mrs. Clinton… we’ll save that for another day).

There has to be a better way than what we have now. It’s difficult to believe there’s a worse way.



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  1. Hi big brother,

    Try to buy health insurance as an individual if you ahve anything other than perfect health. Either the premiums are outrageous, or the insurance co’s won’t offer you insurance. I am in the high risk pool,k which means until I can collect under medicare, I am a prisoner of Wisconsin. At least I am covered, but at quite a price.

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