Is This The Year For The Phillies?

Helaine called me at work. She wanted to know how to ‘watch’ the Eagles game on the computer. She wasn’t talking about watching video. She wanted the clever web applet that visually displays everything happening on the field. I sent her to

She couldn’t watch Eagles game video anyway. She was already watching a video feed from the Phillies game, streaming in from Pittsburgh.

Helaine is always a rabid Phillies fan, but we both know this year holds the possibility of post season play, or last minute heartbreak. The Phils are currently three games behind the Mets and tied for the National League Wild Card berth.

“No pitching. They’ll never make it past the All Star break.” That was the prevailing wisdom early on. They opened the season with a horrendous losing streak. It was a fan’s worst dream come true.

Then, they started to win.

A few nights ago, Jimmy Rollins hustled his way to a triple. “You can see they want to win,” Helaine said. Every team wants to win. She meant they are putting in extra effort, because there’s the thought that effort might pay off. Rollins’ base running was just a more visible example.

Helaine and I are going away in October. Tonight she tolld me she was worried how that might impact our watching the Phils, should they make it to post-season play.

And you wonder why I love her like I do!

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