Shopping With Stef

Stef wants to make me look good – or so she says. With that in mind, we made a date to drive to the outlet center in Clinton. This is a place I’ve visited, grudgingly, in the past.

Since she was scheduled to work this evening, we planned on leaving at 11:30 AM. That’s a really early Saturday start for both of us. Obviously, that’s one trait she inherited from me.

It was a beautiful early fall kind of day with sunny skies, cool temperatures and an audible breeze. This time of year you really do hear the breeze in the trees.

With the top down, we headed to Clinton. There was traffic as we approached I-95 and a few stop-and-go spots once we got on it.

The outlets were very busy. School is nearly ready to start. That’s got to be part of the reason.

Stef took me to “Off 5th,” Saks outlet store. Zip, zip, zip – five pair of jeans were in her hands. We headed toward the dressing rooms.

I don’t want to embarrass myself too much, but I got locked out of the dressing room three times! It has been a long time since I went clothes shopping, hasn’t it?

And what’s the deal with button fly? Didn’t that go away in the 1850s? I won’t belabor the point, but life’s too short for button fly pants!

We bought two pairs and headed out. I think Stef was surprised it happened so quickly. She’s used to anguishing over every clothing decision. Not me.

We headed to the Cole Hahn store, where I bought two pairs of shoes. Same thing. Speed shopping.

I am curious how one pair of size 11s is comfortable and another won’t even fit on my feet.

We were almost ready to leave, but Stef had a sweatshirt to return. I forget the name of the store (lucky for them). The only two people working had no idea how to take a return and reverse a credit card charge – none!

We waited 45 minutes while they tried everything, and then finally called a manager at another store. Meanwhile, behind us, a line was forming.

We drove home, uneventfully.

You’ve got to be the parent of a post-teenager to understand, but this was a great trip. I’m not talking about the shopping. I’m talking about the company.

Stef was fun to be with – a good, grownup companion. Even at an outlet center, that still has full retail value.

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