Am I Ready For Some Football?

I was out of bed at 11:00 this morning. That’s especially early for a Sunday start.

Helaine had long since left the bedroom. She was downstairs, doing everything she could to be ready for today’s important business – football!

Though New Orleans got clocked by Baltimore (I know – live with it) Thursday night, the season really starts today. The Eagles will be playing at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. And, of course, we live and die by the Eagles.

Two hours before game time, as she sat and intently listened to the ESPN coverage, Helaine turned to me and jokingly said, “I am every man’s fantasy. A woman who loves football.”

She is.

When we were married, it was her subscription to Sports Illustrated that came to our Buffalo apartment. She’s enough of a fan to root against teams, because my enemies enemy is my friend.

Oh, speaking of ESPN, five commentators on the set makes for one of the most unwieldy camera shots ever. Five guys in a row is just too wide. Maybe it’s better on HDTV with its stretched screen.

The real deal begins in about a half hour. A competitive team will make for a fun fall. Wish us luck.

3 thoughts on “Am I Ready For Some Football?”

  1. Hoping the Eagles start the season with a W. My cellphone ringtone for family is the Eagles fight song. We’re huge fans – season ticket holders forever and bleed Eagle green. Friends know not to call during a game! Enjoy the game.


  2. I loved it when I lived in the Seattle area and had DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket. I’d get up at 8:30, watch the pregame shows at 9:00, just continuously channel-surf between the 10:00 am FOX and CBS games, and do the same with the late games.

    The main reason I had NFL Sunday Ticket was so I could watch all the Browns games (I’m a born-and-raised, longsuffering fan of the Browns).

    Most Sundays, I’d catch the Browns game at 10:00 then the Seahawks game at 1:00. Luckily the church I attended when I lived out west had a 6:00 pm mass so the schedule was perfect in the fall. 🙂

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