Going Home

There are scattered bags all over my parent’s place and scattered showers on the radar. It’s time to leave Florida.

Our only real problem during this trip happened yesterday afternoon. We were getting ready to get in the car when I looked down at the front left tire and saw the internal mesh peeking out where the rubber had begun to separate!

Did you know BJs sells and mounts tires until 7:00 PM on Saturdays? Neither did we. That was a pleasant surprise.

We’ve got one last stop to make before we leave. Steffie has been watching TV commercials for Sonic for years – but there are none in Connecticut. There’s one about a mile from here and we’re stopping.

Our flight to Islip leaves around 2:30. We’re back in the Northeast before the Sun goes down.


7 thoughts on “Going Home”

  1. Geoff:

    I thought by now TV could target their advertising geographically. Is that not the case?

    I along with many others have been enticed by Sonic’s commercials and disappointed when I found out there are not any around here.

    Seems to me, either they should better target their advertising or, hey, here is a novel idea, stop teasing us and start building some here in CT!!

  2. Right now the closest Sonics to us are in Pennsylvania. There are none in the Northeast, but Conn. is listed as a franchise location, which is probably why they advertise here.

  3. BJ’s would be the last I’d go for tires. They hired my son. It was his first job and the first one he quit. He left because he was 1. afraid of hurting himself and 2. because there was little training. He was taught to change tires by one of the other kids working there and his manager’s claim to fame was managing a Dollar Store (no automotive experience!)

    He finally left when one of the other kids working there dropped (YES DROPPED!) a Ford F150 Pickup. It fell, hit the crank case and smashed it. The store manager came in the next day and yelled at my son for it! He left that day.

    Its Town Fair for me! (Yeah I know, you were in FL>)

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