Cell Phone Saga

I left my cellphone unplugged with its battery removed for a little over a day, hoping (but knowing otherwise) that being powerless would convince it to start working. No such luck.

Tonight, back in Connecticut, I rummaged through my cabinets of old electronics and found two LG G4010s. Nice phone, back then. One had been Helaine’s, the other mine. Guess which was in better shape?

There’s no Bluetooth and, so far, I’ve found no way to move the phone numbers from the RAZR to the LG.

Hey, at least I have a working phone!

Of course any phone number that’s been changed, or newly acquired by me, is not in this old phone. I’ll survive.

Now I can go about my new phone plan acquisition at a more leisurely pace.

4 thoughts on “Cell Phone Saga”

  1. Doesn’t AT&T have a backup service on line? Verizon Wireless calls their system Backup Assistant. The numbers you store in memory can be backed up onto your PC and updated whenever needed. There’s a slight charge (no surprise there) but if you sign up on Verizon on line its free. A great service if you’ve ever had to reprogram all your numbers when they couldn’t be transferred from one phone to another!

  2. @mketob:

    Actually, VZW does one better now. The service now backs up to their server and you can download the new numbers over the air! It worked flawlessly when I replaced my phone. (Insurance replacement, the outer screen on the old one suddenly cracked and mysteriously cracked)


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