Unintended Consequences With The New Phone

I love the Samsung Blackjack Smartphone I got earlier this month. I’m hoping by now, with the newness wearing off, Helaine no longer wants to use it as a lethal weapon against me. Time alone will tell.

Here’s what I’ve discovered… or maybe rediscovered. New acquisitions come with unintended consequences. I use the phone in ways I hadn’t intended.

It’s especially cool when you can search through Google, get a map and then click on the phone number to dial it!

What most surprises me though, is how the Blackjack has affected my email flow. I now look at messages as they come in, wherever I am (except while driving). Since the keyboard is tiny, I don’t always answer them from the phone.

That leads to a back-up, where messages I’ve seen on the phone sit on my ‘real’ computer unanswered, falling farther and farther back in the queue.

Though sold as a phone, make no mistake about it, this slightly oversized package is a computer. Lots of companies already maintain parallel websites to take advantage of its small screen.

It only took a few hours with it to realize this is technology that will profoundly change the world!

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