Hiding On The Internet

It’s election day. I’m about to go to the polls and vote in this municipal election in my town. I don’t expect to have to wait (even with new optical scan voting machines). Things move quickly even in hotly contested, major elections.

I’m disappointed to say I don’t know much about either man running for mayor. This early afternoon I set out to learn. Now I’m just frustrated.

Neither has a whole lot of specifics on their website. Maybe there just aren’t a lot of specific things you can say when running for the mayor of a relatively small town.

I can tell you, one has a vastly superior website to the other. Maybe that shouldn’t impress me, but it does. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve judged someone by their familiarity with technology.

People who proudly announce their Luddite views on computers and technology scare me… especially when they’re in positions of power and influence.

There’s still some pondering to do. I’m still quite undecided. There’s even the chance I’ll go into the voting booth and mark neither name. I don’t want my streak of voting in every election since 1971 broken.

Maybe waiting until election day is a bad move on my part. Maybe? Who am I kidding?

One thought on “Hiding On The Internet”

  1. Geoff,

    I totally share your frustration. I find it very difficult to find information about local politics and people running for office. I just voted my party line, but I would much rather have cast an educated vote.

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