Long Time On The Internet

I am appearing on a panel at Southern Connecticut State University tonight, talking about blogging. What expertise could I have?

Among the subjects I hope they touch on are the permanence of things placed on the Internet. Stay something stupid… do something stupid… it lasts forever. Who can live through that scrutiny?

I needed a good, practical way to demonstrate what I’m talking about, so I searched for my first recorded Internet comment. As it turns out, it was from 15 years ago this coming Sunday.

Comments: Gated by NETN…@AUVM.AMERICAN.EDU

Path: sparky!uunet!stanford.edu!bcm!convex!darwin.sura.net!paladin.american.edu!auvm!WCSUB.CTSTATEU.EDU!FOXG


Message-ID: <921111123853.2b436aed@WCSUB.CTSTATEU.EDU>

Newsgroups: bit.listserv.ingrafx

Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1992 12:38:53 -0500

Sender: “Information Graphics”


Subject: RE: examples, please

Lines: 2

Please… more on the UIUC thunderstorm simulations.

Geoff Fox

The message itself was sent on Usenet, a network of discussion groups. Back then it was a large part of the net. Today, it’s a repository for tech discussions and porn… not necessarily in that order.

Pithy, right? It was my response to a previous posting. Obviously, I wasn’t satisfied with the depth of information available.

As unimportant as this posting was, it’s been saved. Today I am glad it wasn’t a flame or curse filled rant. I had no clue it would live on beyond that moment.

Parts of my life aren’t pretty. I went places and did things I’d rather not remember. I’m glad the Internet didn’t start archiving my stuff until I was past 40!

3 thoughts on “Long Time On The Internet”

  1. “Today, it’s a repository for tech discussions and porn…”

    Don’t forget illegal file sharing! That’s a big part of USENET these days. I believe the RIAA caught on and is suing one of the websites that access USENET. (Don’t remember which one, though)


  2. Ok, this is funny…. just above, you are correcting a post.

    Well, in yours…

    ‘Stay something stupid… do something stupid… it lasts forever. Who can live through that scrutiny?’

    Shouldn’t that be ‘SAY something stupid…..’?


    Geoff adds:

    Beth is right and it has been corrected. All I want for Christmas is an editor.

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