Powerless Blogging

About twenty minutes ago, the power went out. The automated voice at my electrical company promises it will be back on before some specific minute in the four o’clock hour.

No power means no Internet. But look, here I am!

With a flashlight, I found the cable that fits in my cellphone. From there I plugged it into the USB port on this laptop. A few pushes of a button on the cellphone and – voila – we’re back in the 21st Century.

The over-the-air cell connection here at the house isn’t too fast. It’s faster than nothing.

There’s a certain pride in knowing you know how to work the system when the need arises. Meanwhile, I think I’m going to bed – power or not.

3 thoughts on “Powerless Blogging”

  1. The old landline works when there is no power, too. During power outages here, I have often resorted to using my Powerbook’s internal modem connected to the landline to get my Internet fix.

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