I’ve Been Working On The Server

I finally broke down, and with the help of Gary, upgraded this blogging software. This is scary stuff. It is possible to break the website! Sure, everything is repairable, but restoring is punishment at best.

Amazingly, it all worked… except comments. I’ve left a question on the MovableType forum, which will hopefully bring an answer.

I know it’s probably been boring to hear about my Google problems. Give me another day… maybe two and I’ll be done. To me, this blog is like a diary and I want to chronicle the things I do.

I’ve used this time-out with Google to rethink my search engine optimization. Google should be my friend. I’ve created a few files which will make this site more visible to search engines and more tightly focuses on its real content.

Google only checks one of the files, robots.txt, once a day. After waiting since last evening, Google finally hit it and immediately threw up an error flag. I left out one word! I wait one more day.

Today’s traffic is around three times yesterday’s. Google’s return is felt.

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