Hooked On Politics

This is crazy. I have been watching election returns like it’s the Super Bowl and I’ve got a large bet down.

This is crazy. I have been watching election returns tonight as if it was the Super Bowl and I’ve got a large bet down.

(I know you know this in May 2008, but since this entry will be around for a while…) Barack Obama handily won North Carolina against Hillary Clinton, to whom he then lost Indiana.

The Indiana results came in as if they were from a movie.

First Hillary Clinton went strongly ahead by double digits. Then, as more votes came in, the margin shrank. When Senator Clinton gave her victory speech, she was ahead by 4%. Now that margin is 2% and shrinking, but nearly all votes are counted.

She will win Indiana, but not by enough to really claim victory. The pundits have been keeping busy this early morning, coming up with reasons she will leave the race, or should leave the race.

November seems so far away.

3 thoughts on “Hooked On Politics”

  1. Hillary can show real testicular fortitude by choosing today to withdraw from a race where just a year ago she looked like a shoo-in as President.

  2. I have been avoiding the primary results in the media, mainly because nobody is ever focusing on what actually matters: delegate counts. Yes, Hillary narrowly squeaked by Obama in Indiana in the popular vote, and I’m sure that made for compelling CNN-watching last night, but how many delegates did she actually get? How many delegates did Obama get in NC? Was it really that much more than Hillary got?

    In both our delegate-based two-party primary system and our Electoral College-based presidential election system, the overall popular vote means nothing at the end of the day. In 2000 we got the wake-up call about what this actually means, but sadly in the 8 years since there hasn’t been time (or inclination) to do anything about it.

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