It Is The Worldwide Web

I’m flattered, though my comment was totally mischaracterized.

My last post about our postal experience with my mom’s gift was picked up on a few other sites. That happens from time-to-time. I like it… encourage it… because I get more hits.

I write to be read.

Sometimes a blog post can be picked up in an unusual place or unusual way. That happened last week. It was one of those things I stumbled upon. Otherwise, I would have never known.

When I wrote about the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, it was picked up by Le Monde, the website of the major French newspaper.

I’m flattered, though my comment was totally mischaracterized.

Cette guerre fratricide risque de réduire les chances du camps démocrate, si l’un ou l’autre ne se décide pas à abandonner la campagne. Peut-être est-il temps, se demande Geofffox, pour Hillary Clinton de quitter le navire de la course à la présidentielle afin de se concentrer enfin sur le scrutin de novembre ?

Which (Google) translates to:

This fratricidal war may reduce the chances of Democrat camps, if either is not decided to abandon the campaign. Perhaps it is time, wondered Geofffox for Hillary Clinton to leave the ship of the presidential race to focus finally on the ballot in November?

I wasn’t saying that. I was just quoting others and the torrent of post-primary pundits.

How sad is this? Even when misunderstood, I’m glad to be cited. The missed perception doesn’t bother me at all. That’s got to be a character flaw.

2 thoughts on “It Is The Worldwide Web”

  1. And just how the heck did you find out a French newspaper blog site picked up your comments?

    Inquiring minds want to know…..

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